2 Fun Destinations to Visit for Memorial Day Weekend

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Posted on 05/21/2019

Ahh, the holidays are here again. It’s time to say goodbye to the stress and annoyances of work and let your vacation iron all that stress out. For a few days, you’ve been licensed to do nothing but relax and enjoy yourself in some of the most pleasant places on Earth.

There is no shortage of amazing places to visit for your vacation. Unsure which ones to try? Don't worry! We can help. We’re a travel agency based in Denham Springs, Louisiana and will have a few suggestions that aren't too far fetched or will take forever to get to. One is here in the USA and the other is in beautiful Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mexico is an exotic land. If you have any doubts about this, a few seconds in Cabo San Lucas will make you a believer. Luxurious hotels decorate the 20-mile stretch between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, so you have a large variety to choose from.

There’s a lot more than just hotels awaiting you, though. Resorts abound too and our pick of the week is the Esperanza Resort. Esperanza means ‘expectation’. We have a theory that the people who run this resort chose that name because they understood their guests will have high expectations of the place; and boy, did they deliver.

There’s a very good reason celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney love taking naps in the Esperanza. The boutique, spa, and free yoga sessions are just a few of its many attractions. And need we mention the private beach and art gallery? Or the biking trail for the sportier of you?

Cabo San Lucas has so much to offer it could be a tiny country on its own. Don’t think twice about traveling there. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about its prices and more, so pack your bags and let us take over from there. The fun begins now…

Key West, Florida

Yeah, we at Geauxing Places Travel know full well Florida needs no introduction as a warm vacation spot, because its beaches are synonymous with it. We won’t be talking about beaches today though because that’s barely a scratch of what awaits you in Florida.

Ever heard of the Ocean Key Resort & Spa located in Key West? Well, now you have. We chose this particular resort because we believe it packs up all the exoticism and color of tropical islands and stuffs it into one place. And there are brilliant sunset views and island-themed décor to add to the sense that you’re lounging somewhere truly special.

Hey, it’s not all about relaxing or chowing on broiled snapper and shrimp risotto, because Key West is notorious for its parties too. Mallory Square, in particular, is always responsible for the wild nights where jugglers, animal trainers, and musicians make a raucous long into the night.

Geauxing Places Travel will only list the best vacation spots for you, and from personal experience, we guarantee that the Ocean Key Resort & Spa is at the top of that list. Why not give us a call and let's start planning your fun weekend getaway?

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