3 Amazing Places to Visit in Rome, Italy

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Posted on 06/11/2019

When it comes to visiting Italy, where do we even begin? Honestly, Italy has so much going for it that sometimes, even we find it hard to decide on the best places to visit.

The musical and charming towns, the colorful and stunning landscapes, the art and cuisine; everything about this place begs to be seen, which is why we advise you to get a map right now. There are particular places you must set foot in once you land in Rome, Italy. You simply must see them!

Naples is a busy city but how can it not be? It’s the capital of the Campania region located in Southern Italy, but more than that, Naples is a gold mine of art works, shops, party venues, and historic sites.

We all know Italy was the birthland of the Pizza, right? Yes, but we’re sure you didn’t know pizza originated from Naples! Parmigiana and spaghetti were both offspring of this place too. And that’s just one of the many surprises Naples has in store for you. Go there and find out the rest.

Some vacationers prefer scenery over cuisine and if you belong to this lot, the Italian Lake District should be your next target. Large, brown mountains and wide, deep lakes set before a background of clear skies and fluffy, white clouds? Tell us that doesn’t sound pleasant to read let alone see?

It is thus perfectly understandable why visitors have frequented this place for over a century. It’s their favorite spot simply because of the beauty is feeds the eyes. Take a trip there and see if you won’t leave with fond memories of the place.

Ahh yes, Sicily… the biggest of all islands in the entire Mediterranean Sea. The history saturating this place is so great that we honestly think it’s enough of a reason for your feet to carry you there. Sicily has been a home, fortress, and sanctuary to many a Mediterranean civilization. So many have come and gone but Sicily still lives to tell their tales.

You can learn so much history here, and you can do this while admiring the beautiful art. Sicily even has a natural attraction that no other part of Europe can boast of. In Sicily lies Mount Etna, the tallest, active volcano in Europe.

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