3 Ancient Places to Go see in Athens, Greece

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Posted on 07/11/2019

What’s the first thing to come to your mind when you see those tall, worn columns that are Athens’ most infamous relics? They speak of an ancient time. Why not fly over to this 3000-year old city and see these legendary structures and attractions yourself?

This is an imposing structure. Long ago, this was a citadel protected by the hilltop it was erected on. But the most iconic part of the Acropolis is the Parthenon, which is an exceptionally large temple that can easily be identified by its Doric columns.

You can’t miss this structure. The intricacy with which it was made makes it something to behold, and the fact it has persisted for so long should be something else to ponder and marvel over.

Have you ever been in a museum which was once a palace? We’re willing to wager you haven’t, but that’s exactly what the Byzantine museum is. The Byzantine history of Greece is a vast and interesting one, and you get to experience it in this place because Byzantium art covers almost every inch of its walls.

As incredible as this might sound, there are over 25,000 artifacts for you to see in the museum. And those are just the ones from the Byzantine era; there are many more from the medieval, Christian and post-Byzantine periods.

As for the collection themselves, you will see paintings, sculptures, textiles and of course, mosaics. There isn’t a shortage of amazing things to see when you step into this ancient building, so be sure to stop by it when in Greece.

Worship is not the only reason people go to this church. If you’re looking for beautiful architecture, then this is it. As you would expect, there are paintings decorating the church and it's a must-see, for sure.

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