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Posted on 06/25/2019

The main problem with choosing shoes for a vacation is that there is so many types to choose from. Many shoes have advantages and disadvantages over others and choosing the ones for a vacation means certain factors must first be considered.

There are have heavy and bulky shoes; soft and light shoes; etc. The worst thing you can do is bring along shoes which could make lugging around luggage a chore in itself.

That’s why we felt it necessary to put out a list of the best travel shoes out there to help you bypass these problems (and save yourself precious packing space!)

Yep. Flip flops. These multi-purpose shoes aren’t just convenient for the beach, no. Wherever your holiday will be, you’ll need to shower, right? You’ll need flip flops, then. And you’ll walk around your room too, won’t you? Flip flops will be perfect for that. More than versatility, they also pack light and save you more space in your luggage.

Walking shoes don’t mean anything unless they’re comfortable. That’s the first factor you should consider before anything else: Comfort. With that, you can walk for days in a single pair of shoes and not realize it, because they feel so great on your feet.

For any shoe to qualify as being vacation-capable, it must be lightweight and packable; versatile and nearly collapsible. In terms of color, neutral should suffice (BareTraps and Janessa boot comes to mind).

(no we didn't get paid to promote these shoes). Toms need no introduction but it won’t be amiss to point out how convenient and comfortable they are. The sheer types of designs and options available mean you can easily find something which appeals to you and the outfit you're wearing.

And we have to talk about quality too. Toms don’t just look good, they are surprisingly durable for how dainty they look.

So, considering their look, how lightweight they are and how easy it is to slip them on and walk around, we rank them in the top 3 shoes you need to bring along when traveling. Packing them will be a breeze too, meaning more packing space for you.

Geauxing Places Travel understands a vacation can take you anywhere, and the majority of the time, you’ll go exploring on foot. That’s why, from our base in Denham Springs, Louisiana, we make sure to keep you well-informed and updated on the best shoes out there that easily help in making your vacation as ‘comfortable’ and delightful as possible.

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