3 International Destinations where Dance is Part of The Culture

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Posted on 04/30/2019

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Many travelers feel like music makes the world go round and when there is music, there must be dancing. This is a simple law of nature (or not). But anyone who knows how to have a good time will agree with us when we say dancing is much more than just moving your steps as music blares on.

Many people of the world regard dance as a language; it’s a medium of self-express and a channel where people display the pride and love they have for their culture and themselves. Dancing is art; one that many ‘artists’ practice until they get it right.

We’re here to tell you about certain places you should consider traveling to simply for the sheer display of culture through dance and music.

In all honesty, Haka looks more like a fight and less a dance. It’s a rigorous and adrenaline-charged dance than involves chest-thumping, feet-stomping and forceful chants. Once upon a time, the dance was performed by tattooed Maori warriors before they went off to battle. Haka is now performed by the Maori native to New Zealand, and we have to say it’s a very interesting dance that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

This is another well-known dance. We think it’s pretty safe to say most of us have seen Hula girls slowly gyrating their hips with both arms rising and falling with gentle motions. We’ve all seen ladies performing the Hula before, but mostly on TV.

Why settle for what you see on TV when you can see it live? Hula is a very ancient dance, so the fact it has persisted for so long says a lot about how important it is for Hawaiians. The dance tells the legend of how the Islands of Hawaii were formed.

Hula often performed by women or young girls dancing slowly to the sounds of small guitars called ‘ukulele’. The dance itself can be quite hypnotic to the onlooker, and the bright smiles the beautiful performers wear is sure to make you smile too.

Let’s tango! We love shouting out that phrase. Blame us for being movie buffs, but anytime we hear someone say ‘let’s tango!’ in a movie, we know all hell is about to break loose.

Fortunately for you, the real Tango is a dance that has nothing to do with hell or breaking loose. It’s a very sensual dance performed by a man and woman, their arms, legs and bodies often seemingly glued to each together.

It saw birth in Buenos Aires and Montevideo but has now been adopted by so many cultures; and yet, none of them are ever as good as the real thing in Argentina. Take a trip there and witness a dance that we can honestly say is one of the most entertaining we’ve ever seen.

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