3 International Places to Visit for Spicy Cuisine

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Posted on 05/11/2019

Love may be the spice of life, but that’s for amateurs. Spicy food is the real spice of life. One bite and your insides feel on fire-in a good way.

Believe us when we say the foods and spices are enough reason for you to pack your bags and travel. Thousands of people the world over travel every day just to have their taste buds tickled by some manner of exotic cuisine, and after reading this, we hope you will too.

Here are 3 amazing locations that are known for spicy food as their international cuisine:

Sí Señor, Mexicans love their chili. It’s almost impossible to order a meal in any Mexican restaurant and not see chili in it. We’re not complaining though, because with all the different types like Poblano and Ancho, you’re guaranteed a hot and spicy but very tasty meal. Even their most popular food, the Taco, comes stuffed with chili.

India has to be second on this list for their sheer ability to mix spices and peppers into something you’ve never tasted before. They’ve mastered the art of using garlic, curry, coriander and cardamom in changing the taste of everyday meals to something entirely new.

Go to India and have a walk around the open market. The aroma of spices alone can make you hungry. We’d wager some of them strike your nose so hard they will make you light-headed. Try spiced Indian meat for yourself, then come back and tell us whether it really tastes like the curry you eat here in the Louisiana.

From India, we move to another Asian country. The Chinese love spices so much that how much spice is in their meals can be predicated on the area they live in. No joke! So when you travel to China, different places offer meals that vary in taste and how spicy they are. Take for instance how meals in the Sichuan province tend to be spicier than those prepared in other provinces.

The Chinese are also notorious for mixing their own concoctions of herbs, oils and meat to create incredibly spicy yet tasty meals too. One can say they might even rival the Indians.

Rivalry or no, we still say you should head to all three countries. You stand to gain nothing but a satisfied belly. So travel abroad and experience new foods. Chances are you’ll never get an opportunity to sink your teeth into meals like that once you’re back home.

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