3 Travel Tips for Your First Vacation in Sweden

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Posted on 07/11/2019

Stockholm has proudly held on to the title of Scandinavia’s coolest place to visit. Stockholm’s coffee, it’s fabulous restaurants, it’s beautiful structures and endless natural beauty makes it the king of vacation spots in Sweden.

Take advantage of everything Stockholm offers by making a note of the tips below. They’ll really help out in maximizing the fun you can have there.

Yes, the metro lines are faster, meaning they are more convenient than commuter lines, but look beyond speed and you’ll realize there are advantages to using commuter lines too. Look along its rail lines and you’ll find considerably cheaper accommodation; plus, these local commuter lines will easily get you to the city center in good time too.

It might seem ironic that a large and lively city like Stockholm can be eerily quiet, but that’s the reality. There are seasons when Stockholm could rival those ghost towns you see in classic western movies.

The reason is that the good people of Sweden don’t joke around with their holidays. They run off to the countryside and nestle in their cottages while some of them opt to head to island retreats located on the archipelago.

If you happen to choose this time of year to go on a vacation to Sweden, don’t be surprised when you see the city nearly empty. Think of it this way: You have the city all to yourself to go explore!

Starting from November and ending in March, Sweden’s floor will be bathed in what the locals call ‘slask.’ Slask is melted snow mixed with dirt, so you know walking through it will require some heavy-duty boots. Matter of fact, simply keeping your balance while you walk can prove difficult, so make sure you bring sturdy boots that won’t be affected by all the snow.

Are those the only tips you need when heading to Sweden? No, not by a long shot. There’s several more you should know and Geauxing Places Travel, a full service travel agency in Denham Springs, Louisiana, will gladly educate and enlighten you on them. We'll also book your entire vacation to this fab destination. Simply give us a call and let's talk.

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