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Posted on 09/17/2019

Manila is the chief city and capital of the Philippines. We acknowledge it’s not the most popular of cities, and that’s a real mystery because Manila has some truly amazing sights and sounds. It’s truly underappreciated as a great holiday spot. Geauxing Places Travel knows how great the city is, which is why we recommend it to be your next holiday destination.

As a full-service travel agency from Denham Springs in Louisiana, we believe Manila is an excellent choice for a holiday destination for both the lone individual and the entire family, and we’ll tell you why. Have a read below and you’ll see the truth of this.

  • Chinatown
  • The Chinatown in Manila considerably differs from its brethren in other cities. Yes, it shares similar characteristics, like being raucous, suffering traffic gridlock and looking a tad bit rundown, but there the similarities end. Manila’s Chinatown is simply the ‘descendant’ of the Chinese that once traded there. Chinese trading has existed in the quarter called Bindondo since the 800s.

    The fact it’s so old is enough reason to go see it, but the structures erected there should easily grab and hold on to your attention too. Our favorites are the Seng Guan Buddhist and Kuang Kong Buddhist temples, because calling both of them fascinating would be an understatement. You could also find something very pleasant and useful at the herbal stores riddling the Carvajal and Ongpin streets.

    There’s just always something interesting about ancient things, isn’t there? The mysteries surrounding them and the stories they can tell both entertain and fascinate at the same time. Intramuros is the oldest part of Manila. The walls that keep it standing to this day were raised in the 16th and 17th centuries. You might see something of a dichotomy between the walls and the high-rise cityscape encircling it, but that doesn’t make the place any less impressive.

    The Intramuros once served as the capital of the Spanish East Indies. Many of its structures, built during that era, still stand to this day. Going there means you’ll see churches, administrative buildings and courtyard palaces, all of them retaining a beauty that has somehow aged extremely well.

    Intramuros is also an old colonial settlement, which just means it gives you this feeling that you’re walking within a European city center-but far away from Europe. The place has a wealth of attractions too, many of which are remnants of the colonial era. Top picks are the statute of King Carlos IV, erected on the Plaza de Roma; the Puerta de Isabel II gate and the Ayuntamiento building.

    These are but a few of great and lovely places you can see in Manila, Philippines. Give Geauxing Places Travel a call and we’ll book your trip to the Philippines. You have a great opportunity to see some amazing things in Manila, so don’t let it go to waste.

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