2 Great Places to Visit in Tokyo, Japan

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Posted on 09/02/2019

‘Arigatou gozaimasu!’ You’ll be hearing that a lot when you land in Japan. It means ‘thank you!’ if you’re unaware. One undeniable fact about the Japanese is how polite their culture makes them. Geauxing Places Travel has often gotten extremely positive feedback from the customers it takes to Japan. Our customers all attest to how well-mannered the Japanese are, but more than that, they gush about the exoticism of the country.

As a full-service travel agency from Denham Springs, Louisiana, we are well-aware Japan is a country that offers vacationers fascinating-and sometimes weird but fun-things to do. Likewise, seeing some attractions and visiting particular is an experience on its own, and the 4 listed below are some of the best in Tokyo. Don’t miss any of them while you’re there.

  • VR Spots
  • The Japanese LOVE video games. Japanese companies have developed and published some of the biggest and most lucrative video game titles ever made, so you can understand that these are people who love to have fun. Virtual reality is simply an evolution of this industry. Japan immediately adopted it and, recently, VR spots have been springing up all over the country. The largest of these entertainment centers is located in the Shinjuku region.

    VR spots offer you great fun by using technology in the most creative ways. Mario Kart and Dragon Ball are just two of the hundreds of popular titles you can choose from. Even if video games aren’t your thing, you’ll discover that VR opens up new possibilities that exceed what standard video games are capable of.

  • Watching Sumo Practice
  • Sumo’s popularity in Japan can be likened to the NFL’s popularity in the US. The only downside is the sumo grand tournament is held only for a little while each year. So, unless you plan your vacation around that time, the only other option you have of seeing the sumo wrestlers performing live is by visiting sumo training houses.

    You can get a real insight into the lives of sumo wrestlers at these places. Many of such homes can be found in Ryogoku, which is quite close to Asakusa, and most of them are open to the public. You have the opportunity to see how sumo wrestlers get in shape and train to entertain the masses, and you concurrently learn about Japanese discipline and tradition.

    These and so much more await you in Tokyo, Japan. Give Geauxing Places Travel a call and we’ll arrange your trip there. For a few weeks or more, you have the opportunity to become Japanese too!

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