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Posted on 08/25/2019

San Diego is where it all began for California; indeed, it’s the land where Europeans first walked upon. Little they did know the place would grow to have universal appeal. San Diego is now a city frequented by many and loved by all.

Many of our customers choose this city as a vacation spot because of its many attractions and the general feeling it gives off. San Diego has a laid-back style and easy-going culture with a wealth of things to do and places to explore.

As a full-service travel agency in Denham Springs, Louisiana, Geauxing Places Travel truly believes San Diego is a place without equal. Our customers attest to this; they agree it gives you opportunities to try things you never have before. The list below highlights some of them.

We just had to start off the list with food. San Diego’s history is intertwined with Spain, just as it’s located close to it. All this means you will find excellent Mexican dishes and snacks there: Enchiladas, fish tacos and carne asada decorate the tables of many restaurants, so there’s never a need for you to go searching for them.

We recommend this restaurant in particular: Oscar’s Mexican Seafood. Few places in San Diego can make a killer fish taco and ceviche like Oscar’s. As a matter of fact, it has about four locations around the city.

First thing’s first: This park has nothing to do with Rocky Balboa, but it’s as famous as the fictional character, if not more. This beautiful park is over 1,200 acres, which is more than enough room for you to go exploring. But there’s a lot more to see than just plant species, as lovely as they are.

The park is also home to a world-class zoo, museums in Spanish Revival structures and even live shows. The gardens dotting the park were planted with over 350 plant species, all of which are distinctly unique and sights to behold on their own. They were personally chosen by the famous botanist and horticulturalist, Kate Sessions; a woman known the world over as the ‘Mother of Balboa Park’.

There is a particularly large lath building in this park called the Botanical House. It has over 2,100 unique plants with a brilliant pool before it. Go there and you can see annual displays of lotuses and lilies.

San Diego has so much more awaiting you. Contact Geauxing Places Travel and let’s get you to this famed city. It will be a pleasant trip and a wonderful vacation that will be permanently embedded in your fondest memories.

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