2 Must See Highlights of Visiting Nassau Bahamas

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Posted on 07/24/2019

As a full-service travel agency in Denham Springs, Louisiana, our job is to plan the most exciting and memorable vacation for our clients.We help travelers-to-be choose where to go and which hotels to use as launching pads through education.Today, we have our sights set on Nassau, Bahamas.

The 2 places below should be the first ones you head to once your plane touches down in Nassau:

The Queen’s Staircase is unlike any you’ve ever climbed. It may have steps numbering just 66 but it connects downtown Nassau to the ancient Fort Fincastle.

What’s so special about the Queen’s Staircase? It’s over 600 feet tall and made out of solid limestone! As a monument to Queen Victoria, it’s an impressive sight on its own that you really shouldn’t miss seeing.

Fort Fincastle is a structure resting on Bennet’s Hill, which is the highest part of the New Providence Island. You can join the fort’s daily tours to see and learn more about the place. This actually isn’t a bad idea because the tour is so detailed you could even label the fort a museum of sorts.

The Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant is a large and great place; that goes without saying. But there’s another reason you should lodge there. And yes, even though the hotel was erected around a historic colonial mansion, which gives you a rare opportunity to travel back in time and appreciate the ancient architecture, there’s something else there that serves as the main attraction.

The entire hillside location of the hotel is now a virtual entertainment complex, and it’s all thanks to the Garzaroli family. The chocolatier there allows you to not just sample chocolate treats, but also make it! There’s also a cigar company there where you can go and watch stogies (cigars) as they are rolled by hand.

In the mood for pizza? The complex has a pizzeria too, and a wine cellar awaits you to wash down any snack you have. The cellar is laden with over 200,000 bottles of wine; an endless supply, don’t you agree? Last but not the least on our list of favorite places is the Bahamian heritage museum.

The Bahamas is a great place to go for any vacation, regardless of season or time of year. Geauxing Places Travel knows this, and so do its many customers. That’s why each year, we send so many people on a vacation there. Join this year’s list of vacationers and have a wonderful time in Nassau.

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