2 Things to Do and Places to See in Suva, Fiji

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Posted on 08/07/2019

If Suva in Fiji is not on your bucket list of places to visit for your vacation this year, get rid of that ‘bucket’. Geauxing Places Travel will happily write a new list for you and at the top of it, we’re putting down Fiji, a lovely island country with vibrant traditions and culture.

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Fiji is a unique land with unique people and a very unique culture, so there is great diversity when it comes to the things you can do over there. Have a read below and acquaint yourself with some of them.

Even from afar, the colors of the Suva market should give you a hint of the main things sold there. If the colors don’t do it, the scents and aroma definitely will. Some say this market has more life than any other part of Suva. Go there with a camera and you’ll capture a wealth of interesting shots (and to grab a bite or two).

Walk through the market and go over the fresh produce straight from the farms to stalls and stands. The tomatoes, chilies, cabbages, bitter gourds, dalo, jackfruit and yams are just some of the colorful foodstuff there. Be mindful of the men pushing barrows all over the place, though. They can run you down in haste to deliver sacks of cassava.

Few other parts of Fiji can teach you as much about history as this museum. Step through its doors and you’ll be taken on a journey into Fiji’s most significant moments since its birth. We recommend you go see the exhibitions in chronological order.

Begin with the displays hanging above and behind the ticket counter and then continue going in a clockwise direction. You might not have the time to see everything in the museum but make sure you don’t miss seeing the main centerpiece, called the ‘Ratu Finau’. Stretching to a length of over 13m, this massive and magnificent double-hulled canoe is the last of its kind. It’s one of Fuji’s pride and joys and arguably the most-visited artifact in the museum.

Remember, each day that passes is a step closer to your vacation. Let Geauxing Places Travel help in making sure your Fiji holiday creates fond memories to be cherished for many years to come.

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