3 Favorite Tourist Destinations in Cape Town, South Africa

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Posted on 08/07/2019

If we had to describe Cape Town, we would call it the ‘Lively Heart of Africa’. Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana, has always regarded this southwestern port city as a treat for tourists, vacationers and adventurists.

It’s a place with a fascinating history, markets brimming with diversity, fantastic restaurants with exotic foods and beaches that are as beautiful as they are sunny.

Africa is a land known for deep, unsullied culture, and you get to see and experience that and more in Cape Town. The places written out below are must-see attractions. Take some days out of your vacation and go see them; your holiday won’t be truly complete until you see some or all of them.

You remember those colorful buildings you always see anytime you Google images of South Africa? They’re called the Bo-Kaap; arguably Cape Town’s most distinct neighborhood.

If the jarring yet interesting display of the Bo-Kaap’s colors doesn't grab your attention, then its rich and detailed history most certainly will.

The Auwal Mosque, which is the oldest and first-established mosque in the entire region, lies in the Bo-Kaap too. It’s another structure that’s worth seeing, if for nothing, then because of its antiquity.

A botanical garden is always an interesting sight, but the Kirstenbosch is one of a kind. It covers over 1000 acres of endless species of trees, plants and flowers growing from the Table Mountain to the leafy suburbs of Cape Town.

The Kirstenbosch is particularly pleasant because there is no other place like it in the city center. You certainly can’t find anywhere else to kick back and relax with so much greenery and fresh air hanging over you. There’s also a café for whenever you want to have a light meal.

There are specialist gardens that grow unique plants (rainforest species, medicinal plants, etc.) at the Kirstenbosch. They are great for every kind of tourist but if you’re a botanist, that’s a huge plus. The craft markets held there during weekends are also a delight.

Many people still find it odd and funny there are penguins in hot Africa, but the only funny thing here is the penguins themselves as they waddle across the smooth sands of the Boulders Beach.

The beach is on the Cape Peninsula, and it’s riddled with rocky outcrops and furious waves. It may not be the most ideal beach for swimming but it’s perfect for a coastal walk. The soft sands and pleasant air make for a relaxing stroll but honestly, we advise you to head to the beach primarily because of the penguins. Just the way they swim, waddle and squawk at each other is entertainment on its own.

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