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Posted on 08/14/2019

Is it possible to mention “Egypt” without images of pyramids, sand and camels popping into one’s mind? Geauxing Places Travel thinks not. Egypt is synonymous with many things but the pyramids above all else.

A great number of our customers give credence to this claim because when we book them vacations in Egypt, they often place priority over the great and ancient pyramids before anything else.

But that’s not to say Egypt doesn’t have much more to keep you pointing and gawking, which is why, as a full-service travel agency in Denham Springs, Louisiana, we wrote down a list of other places and attractions in Egypt you really shouldn’t miss seeing when you head there for a vacation.

Dahab was once a lonely, coastal village, but that was a long time ago. Now, you can call it an ‘alternative resort’ of sorts. The accommodations are simple but comfortable, and they are further buffered with a laid-back lifestyle. It’s a great place to explore as well as relax in.

Dahab is about 85 km north of Sharam el-Sheikh (city) and is very close to the southern tip of Sinai. The presence of the Sinai desert and the Red Sea has morphed Dahab into the perfect place for scuba diving, windsurfing, desert trekking with the Bedouin and rock climbing too.

Egypt has many regions which were initially isolated from the rest of the country and the Siwa Oasis is one of them. Located near Egypt’s western border, it wasn’t until the 19th century that people started approaching the oasis and appreciating what it offered them.

Siwa has an abundance of freshwater springs that has brought in both Egyptians and vacationers from around the globe. There’s also an old fortress there which was erected from almost nothing but mud. It draws in tourists curious to see and learn more about Siwa’s Greco-Roman history more than anyone else.

Alexandria needs no introduction, does it? You’ve probably heard of it but have never been there, right? Now’s your chance to rectify that. It is Egypt’s leading port and a hub of activity. The city has retained many of its cultural attractions, some of which have persisted since Alexander the Great founded it way back in 331 BC.

Alexandria may have lost a large trove of its famous historic sites but the city still has much for you to see and do. It’s ancient walls, among other things, speak of the past, so you can regard the entire city as something of a very large museum.

These are but shadows of what Egypt has prepared for you. Contact Geauxing Places Travel, a full service travel agency in Denham Springs, Louisiana, and we’ll help solidify your plans to have the most exotic and fun vacation in Egypt.

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