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Posted on 06/24/2020

Water Island is one of the lesser-known US Virgin Islands. It is residential but has a tiny community of people. It’s a great place to go for a getaway. You’ll actually get a chance to relax and destress. Geauxing Places Travel can help you plan your getaway to Water Island. Most of the places to see on this island are beaches, but if you feel up to it, you can always head on to Charlotte Amalie for some more fun. For your trip to Water Island, here are some attractions that you can visit.

  • The Beaches
  • Water Island has many beaches where you can have a good time. There is Honeymoon Beach, which people enjoy for its pure white sand and the turquoise waters, which make relaxing quite easy. It is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. The palm trees, and green hills overlooking the area, make it very picturesque too. You could also have a great time at Emerald beach, which is easily accessible from the Airport and is loved for that proximity. The airport road connects directly to this beach. Another good beach that you can spend time at is Sprat Bay Beach. This beach is calm and seldom crowded. It is also lined by coconut trees and offers you the perfect tropical island paradise experience.

  • The Landmarks
  • There are three exciting landmarks that you should see while on your vacation at Water Island. The first is Fort Segarra, which is located in the southern part of Water Island. It was built during World War II and is an underground fort of great significance. You’ll have fun exploring it. Crowell’s Battery is another landmark that you should see. It was used to signal harbormasters that ships were arriving and remained in use until the 1960s. Last but not least is the Garrison House. These ruins are fun to explore, but you should take special care as it is in disrepair, and there is no supervision.

  • The Natural Attractions
  • The first natural attraction that we’d advise to visit at Water Island is the Emancipation Garden. It is an urban park dedicated to the abolition of slavery in 1848. You will also find two memorials dedicated to freedom and human rights in this park.

    The second natural attraction is Hassel Island Historic Park. It was once connected to St. Thomas Island but is now privately owned and frequently visited by many tourists.

    Are you ready for your visit to Water Island? Geauxing Places Travel from Denham Springs, Louisiana, can take you there. We’re a full-service travel company, and we’d love to help plan your vacations. Give us a call today!

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