3 Tourist Attractions That Are A Must-See in Alberta

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Posted on 01/07/2020

Alberta is home to some of Canada's most impressive scenery, with awe-inspiring glaciers and turquoise lakes and great Parks that draw millions of visitors each year. Alberta has year-round activities to make your stay your stay fun. In the winter, you can take to the slopes, which offer some of the best skiing in North America. Or enjoy the annual Calgary Stampede which takes place in July and lasts for 10 days. Whichever of these and more of Alberta’s attractions that you choose to go for, Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana can organize your vacation plans for you. When you do visit Alberta, you should try to see at least one of the following:

  • Sunshine Village Ski Resort
  • Sunshine Village is located just outside Banff and is home to one of Alberta's most popular ski resorts. It is also a great area for hiking and walking in summer. In winter, the hill offers a good mix of intermediate and advanced runs and is known to attract skiers from all over the world. In summer, following the snowmelt, the area is then open to hikers. In the winter, a twenty-minute gondola ride takes skiers up to the Sunshine Meadows, at the Sunshine Village Ski Resort. In summer the only access is by bus and so be sure to have reservations made in advance.

  • Calgary Stampede
  • Calgary is a modern city that takes particular pride in its cowboy roots. The Calgary Stampede is a ten-day event held in early July and draws rodeo participants and fans from across North America. There are rodeo attractions, cultural exhibits, country music, and a wide range of other wild west outdoor spectacles. In addition to what goes on at the Stampede Grounds, local establishments offer free "Stampede breakfasts" throughout the week. Stores decorate their windows, cowboy hats and boots become the primary fashion, and temporary petting zoos and midway rides pop up in parking lots. For this one week, the presence of the Calgary Stampede can be felt everywhere in the city.

  • Waterton Lakes National Park
  • Also known as the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, this park is located in the Rocky Mountains on the border between Alberta and the U.S. state of Montana. On the Canadian side of the border, you have the Waterton Lakes National Park, while on the American side it is called Glacier National Park. Waterton Lakes is the smaller of the two but has great scenery with mountains and the beautiful Waterton Lake. Overlooking the lake on the north shore is the Prince of Wales Hotel which is a National Historic Site of Canada. There is also a nearby town with tourist amenities. You can visit this park to hike on the alpine trails, camp, or take a sightseeing tour.

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