3 Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors to Los Angeles

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Posted on 09/17/2019

First-time visitors to Los Angeles always talk about how large and overwhelming the city looks. From the seemingly-endless traffic to the perpetually-congested network of freeways, you can be left awestruck especially if you’re not used to such metropolitan areas. But hidden amidst all this are glamor and excitement unlike any other. Los Angeles has so much awaiting you.

Geauxing Places Travel from Denham Springs, Louisiana, ranks Los Angeles as one of the top cities to visit if you seek a vacation riddled with fun activities. Being a full-service travel agency, we wrote a few travel tips you might want to have a look at. First-time visitors, in particular, should find them quite insightful, and they’ll help make your stay better in this marvelous city better.

Yes, the ocean is considerably colder than you might initially believe, so you might want to think twice before going surfing or swimming in it. Southern California’s ocean is beautiful, but don’t let that tempt you.

Cold currents blowing in from Alaska make their presence felt in Los Angeles, with the ocean being their main victim. Thus, the temperature barely climbs to 70 degrees, and this is still true even during summer months. However, if you must go swimming or surfing, make sure you’re in a wet suit first.

In stark contrast to what was mentioned up there, Los Angeles’ weather during the day is sunny-and even hot-almost all the time; the morning fog is the lone exception. For almost the rest of the entire year, there’s nothing but warm sun. Rain is often a rarity to the people of Los Angeles and even though Winter provides a break by bringing a few wet days. There’s not much else other than that.

Temperatures maintain a steady 70 degrees for most the year. The Valley is another exception, though, because the number can rise to triple digits during early fall and late summer. So, be mindful of that if you do decide to venture into it.

Images of beaches and Los Angeles go hand-in-hand, don’t they? What you might not know is there’s more than one beach. Most people prefer to spend hours relaxing on the sands near the Venice Boardwalk, but we wager you’ll have more fun at Point Dume State Beach, located in Malibu, so check it out. El Matador State Beach is great too, but no beach in Los Angeles can hold a candle to the exquisite Manhattan Beach.

There’s one thing Geauxing Places Travel knows to be a fact: Whichever of these beaches you choose, and whatever the nature of the activity you try, you’ll easily have the best time of your life. Give us a call and we’ll get you to Los Angeles where a wonderful holiday awaits you.

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