4 Things to Do in Ketchikan Alaska

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Posted on 06/04/2020

Ketchikan is an excellent place in Alaska and is known as the gateway to southeast Alaska. Cruises often stopover at Ketchikan because it is a beautiful place to visit. Are you interested in a cruise or a visit to Ketchikan Alaska?

Geauxing Places Travel from Denham Springs, Louisiana, can take you there. We’re a full-service travel agency that takes customers to amazing places for great vacations! If Alaska is on your bucket list of places to go, you might want to check out these fun things that you could do while at Ketchikan Alaska.

  • Take A Stroll Along Creek Street
  • Before that, your first tip when it comes to Ketchikan is to take along weather gear. It is one of the rainiest towns in the US, and chances are you’ll meet a little drizzle or more while out and about. That being said, do yourself a favor and take a stroll on Creek Street. It’s an easy walk from there to the downtown area, and it’s beautiful.

  • Visit the Misty Fjords National Monument
  • This monument is 20 miles from Ketchikan and can only be reached by Seaplane or boat, but it is still worth visiting. If you enjoy mystery and space, then head out to this 2.3 million-acre park with massive glacial cliffs and secluded bays. It is stunning, and you’ll love its cloud-covered peaks and foggy atmosphere. Boat tours and views from the sky are fantastic ways to enjoy this park too.

  • Learn About Ketchikan’s Totems
  • Ketchikan is famous for its many totems. You can see them being carved or in their completed state at the Totem Heritage Centre. It’s near the city park and has a collection of over 30 original and unrestored totems from the 19th century. You’ll love the experience for sure!

  • Learn About the Tlingit Culture
  • At Saxman Village, which is 3 miles south of Ketchikan, you can learn all about the Tlingit culture through songs, dances, and numerous stories. You’ll also get a chance to buy the native art sold in numerous shops. Use them as souvenirs and gifts for people back home. Saxman Village also has totem carvers, and you’ll most likely find them at work when you visit.

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