5 Fun Places to See in Lomé, Togo

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Posted on 02/13/2020

Lomé in Togo is quite a small city with views of the ocean and a beautiful beach that will make your visit worth the while, so while around, you could see all of the things that we’ve listed here in one day, or spread it out over several more relaxed days. Whichever you decide on, Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana can take you to Lomé for your fun-filled vacation. So, what places should you see on your trip? We’ve listed them for you in the following bullet points.

  • The Grand Marché
  • You will find whatever your heart desires at this market. Snacks, clothes, meat vegetables, purses, baskets and more, spend time browsing and chatting with the vendors to learn all about their lifestyles. It can be chaotic but it’s not intimidating. Just remember to take water along with you.

  • The Lomé Cathedral
  • This cathedral is quite close to the market so you can pop there for a visit too. It is a testament to Togo’s colonial history as can be seen in the architecture. You might be surprised to learn that Togo was once a colony of Germany. The cathedral is still in good condition and is worth a visit.

  • Monument de l’Independence
  • This monument takes just a few minutes to see and is one of the best things to do in Togo. It lies in the center of a large traffic circle and represents the end of colonial rule in Togo. It is gated so you cannot go inside for a close-up, but it is still magnificent when viewed from nearby or when passing by.

  • Musée International d’art D’afrique (West African Art Museum)
  • This museum houses a lot of original African art and was originally the private collection of a European ex-pat who sold it to a Chinese man. Some pieces you’ll find there are centuries old. Please note that the location is quite unassuming so it is easy to miss. Make use of Google maps. There are also young tour guides present who will give you details of the items available.

  • Go to The Beach
  • Togo has some amazing beaches and the best way to go is to stay in one of the hotels that are on the beach. Togo is an ocean city so you should see the beach. Please note that the Atlantic Ocean is pretty rough in this area so swim with caution.

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