5 Great Castles to See in Navan, Meath (Ireland)

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Posted on 08/26/2019

Navan is a cozy and wonderful place in the County of Meath. Being ranked as the 5th largest town in Ireland, it’s obviously not the biggest, but tourists don’t seem to care much about this, though; people from near and far frequent the town for their annual vacations.

Many of the visitors which Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana, takes to Navan go there to enlighten themselves on the history of the region and the many castles and ruins sprinkled nearby. As a full-service travel agency, we can’t wait to get you to Ireland to see these castles up-close. Below are some of the best ones to see.

Slane castle is located in a town it sharing the same name with it, but at 11km, the castle is still pretty close to Navan. 15 minutes or less should get you to the castle if you’re coming from the center of Nathan.

This ancient and magnificent structure is located in the heart of the Boyne Valley and was erected in the middle of an estate. The estate itself is over 1,500 acres. As you approach it, you can’t help but marvel at its age-worn walls that do nothing to mitigate how imposing it looks. It was built more than 300 years ago and has remained the family seat of the Conyngham family ever since.

In modern day, the castle is more synonymous for being the center of famous concerts of icons like U2, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Queens, to mention a very few.

This is another old but great place to see. The Athlumney Castle, built in the year 1171, is both a tower and a fortified house. In the year 1649, it was burned down to prevent an English military leader from seizing it.

That’s not the only time the castle would be engulfed by flames because in the 1600s, the King of Ireland, James the II, also burned it down. History tells us that a Catholic Bishop made efforts to renovate the castle and restore it back to its splendor but death took him before he could do it. Even if you go there, you’ll still see hints and signs that most of the castle’s parts had seen repair.

  • Bective Abbey
  • This is another place that screams of history. It’s located in Bective, merely 15 minutes away from Navan. The river of Boyne is overlooked by this Cistercian Abbey. It was founded almost a thousand years ago; when Bective was recognized as a very important monastic settlement.

    King Henry saw so to the dissolution of all the monasteries in 1543; they were instead converted into towers and fortified structures. As much as you read about this abbey, you won’t truly appreciate it until you see it yourself. And if you consider the fact the place has been registered as a national monument in the country, you’ll understand how important and valuable it is.

    Geauxing Places Travel will be happy to book your trip to Ireland. Navan is a quiet place with so much story to tell, so expect your vacation to be a great and interesting one.

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