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Posted on 03/17/2020

The great state of Michigan is well-aware of the Coronavirus endemic, as are Geauxing Places Travel. We agree you should be mindful of where you go and always maintain good hygiene, but don't cancel all your travel plans because of fear. Simply postpone them for at least 8 weeks and let's see what happens. If the world gets lucky, the virus might even be taken care of long before the 8 weeks are spent.

In the mean time, here are some reasons why Michigan should be the firsr place you tarvel to when the endemic is over!

Did you know that you don’t have to travel too far from the United States to get that vacation that you love? You might not even have to leave the United States at all. Michigan has lots of opportunities for people looking to enjoy nature and a diverse landscape with a rich history. What’s better, Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana, can take you there. If you’re ready for your trip to Michigan, make sure you don’t forget to visit the following places:

  • Mackinac Island
  • If you’re looking for a historic view into the simpler ways of life before cars and buses, Mackinac Island should be top on your list. You can spend your day on the island moving about in a horse-drawn carriage, hiking or visiting Fort Mackinac. You could also enjoy a view of the Mackinac Bridge which is one of the longest suspension span bridges in the world and connect the Lower Peninsula at Mackinaw City to the Upper Peninsula at St. Ignace. A visit to the Mackinac Museum would also yield and interesting time.

  • Visit Lake Michigan
  • Lake Michigan is the third largest of the Great Lakes and is the only one that entirely borders U.S. soil. The lake’s islands are also popular destinations and some of them have expansive dunes and parks with lovely trails and scenic drives. You should visit Lake Michigan on your trip to Michigan.

  • Detroit Institute of Arts
  • The Detroit Institute of Arts has an expansive collection of humanity's creative works from the earliest cultures. Boasting of more than 65,000 works of art in over 100 galleries, you will find people and cultures from every part of the globe represented. You’ll also find highly coveted works from artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Matisse.

  • Pictured Rocks National Seashore
  • This seashore gets its name from the colors of copper, iron and manganese oxide found in the rocks there. There is an interior forest covered with inland lakes and rivers and a landscape made of cliffs, beaches, and dunes. You can camp, hike, ski, do some snowshoeing and snowmobiling depending on what time of the year you visit.

  • The Henry Ford
  • This is a group of 3 attractions that explore Henry Ford’s life, his work, and American Innovation over the years. You can take a step back in time by visiting Greenfield Village to see what life looked like in the 19th century. There is also the Henry Ford Museum which tales a story of inventor and other forward thinkers like the Wright Brother and Rosa Parks. There is also the Ford Rouge Factory Tour which allows you to witness the inner workings of an automotive factory.

    Ready for your trip to Michigan? Geauxing Places Travel can take you there quickly and stress-free. Contact us today!

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