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Posted on 01/28/2020

Paraguay is a luxury destination with interesting geological factors and many beautiful places. It is often called the Heart of South America and is known for its lush grasslands in the east and salt marshes in the west. Paraguay is home to some of the oldest wildlife is the world and lies landlocked by Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. If Paraguay is one of the places you have plans to visit on your vacation this year, why not let us here at Geauxing Places Travel, handle the travel plans for you? In the meantime, the following are some lovely places that you should visit on your trip to Paraguay.

  • Saltos Del Monday
  • At Saltos Del Monday, you’ll find gorgeous waterfalls and an amazing landscape. It is a must-see for everyone and you’ll take some of your loveliest pictures while there. Just make sure to take along hiking shoes for your visit there.

  • Encarnacion
  • Encarnacion is a hardly explored town with lots of activities for every visitor. It has some level of fame for its Jesuit ruins which are intricately beautiful and is perched on the Parana River. It is also a bustling metropolis with other ancient ruins that are sure to catch your fancy and be worth your time. The San Jose beach and The Encarnacion-Posados tram are also other attractions of this place.

  • Cerro Cora National Park
  • This national park is about 5,5 hectares and has massive trees that scoot towards the Aquidaban River. It is one of the guarded areas of Paraguay and you are advised to go along with a guide if you decide to visit to avoid getting lost.

  • La Santisima Trinidad De Parana
  • La Santisima Trinidad De Parana is a former Jesuit reduction and the ruins are still intact and make a lovely sight. You will love this place for its age-old legacy and you can learn about the dept and the richness of the Jesuit culture there.

  • Asuncion
  • Asuncion is one of the oldest cities in the continent of South America and will certainly leave you awe-struck. It has a beautiful welcoming culture and a string of hostels that make it a great place to unwind. It is one of the must-see places to go to when you are in Paraguay.

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