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Posted on 03/10/2020

California is a great place to go if you plan on vacationing in the U.S. Apart from its celebrity culture (It is home to Hollywood), you’ll also find lots of natural beauties like desert and rock formations, beautiful beaches, sweeping landscapes, vineyards and lots of good food and culture. If you are interested in a trip to California, why not let us at Geauxing Places Travel handle that for you? In the meantime, here are some fantastic places to visit while you are in California.

  • San Francisco
  • The Golden Gate Bridge is San Francisco’s number one attraction. Lots of tourists drive, bike ride or walk across this famous suspension bridge for its stunning views. You could also visit Lombard street with its tight curves or see Chinatown, which is the largest outside of Asia. Fisherman’s Wharf is also a place that you will enjoy and a quick look at the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island would not be out of place.

  • Yosemite National Park
  • We love Yosemite National Park for its stunning giraffe cliffs, sequoia groves, waterfalls, and the animal and plant life. You can hike trails of up to 800 miles here or drive some scenic routes to experience the park's landscape and get a glimpse at its wildlife. Lots of people try to see Glacier Point, Yosemite Museum, LeConte Memorial Lodge and the Ahwahnee Hotel. Yosemite National Park is located in central-eastern California.

  • Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles is located in Southern California and is the second-largest city in the USA. It is surrounded by mountains, valleys, and the pacific coast. There are many beaches (like Venice Beach and Malibu) and other attractions in Los Angeles. You’ll also find most of the best-known amusement parks here: Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc. You might even see a celebrity or 2 if you are lucky. You will after all be dining at the same restaurants that they dine at or shopping at the same designer stores.

  • Death Valley
  • Death Valley is regarded as the driest and lowest place in North America. So why would we suggest you go there you may ask. Well, for starters there are lots of outdoor activities that you can partake in. You can also visit historic sites and nature viewing. Make sure you visit Zabriskie Point, Scotty’s Castle, The Wildrose Charcoal Kilns and the ruins of ghost towns.

  • San Diego
  • San Diego is an outstanding place to visit especially if you have a family. It is located just north of the Mexico border and has the ideal climate with fabulous beaches. The most popular place to visit in San Diego is America’s premier zoo. There is also SeaWorld San Diego and the Birch Aquarium. With San Diego, you get a large coastal city with a small-town atmosphere. Will you be visiting soon?

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