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Posted on 12/31/2019

Panama is a country of links. We say this because it is on the isthmus linking South and Central America and passing through its center is the Panama Canal which links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans creating an essential shipping route. Panama is a great Central American for your vacation and Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana, can help you arrange your travel. In the meantime, here are fun things that you can do during your vacation in Panama.

  • Visit the Panama Canal
  • You have not visited Panama if you have not gone to see the Panama Canal. Watch a massive ship, piled high with colorful containers, gliding quietly into the locks. The true enormity of this great feat of human engineering cannot be overemphasized. Taking a boat tour through the canal will give you even more perspective.

  • Enjoy A Sunset on The Sunset Coast
  • The Sunset Coast is rural Panama with small towns, wide-open beaches, and a small number of lodges where you can get away from the tourist scene. The majority of its visitors are Panamanians and it is one of the few places in the country where you can enjoy the sunset over the pacific. It is also quite popular among surfers and there are more than enough waves to go around.

  • Explore the Colonial Old Town of Casco Viejo In Panama City
  • It was settled in 1673 and is characterized by beautiful old-world Spanish architecture. In the evening, the buildings and ruins are creatively lit up, and most restaurants set up tables and chairs on the sidewalks. Casco Viejo is ideal for a romantic getaway and you’ll find boutique hotels located in restored buildings dating from the 18th or 19th century.

  • Hike in Boquete
  • Boquete is a mountain town with a wonderful climate. The town is relaxed and safe and caters to tourists and Expats from around the world. There is a scenic loop of about 15 miles that passes the main hiking trails, a beautiful river, an abandoned castle, and waterfalls that hikers can use. The road also provides amazing views down the valley and up the slopes of Volcan Baru. Serious hikers can arrange to hike up it, leaving very early in the morning with a guide so they can be at the summit for sunrise.

  • Have A Beach Vacation At Playa Coronado
  • If you intend to hit the beach and relax in comfort at Panama, Playa Coronado is your perfect spot. The beaches here go on for lots of miles and are an interesting mix of sparkling black and gold sand. You’ll find lots of American chain restaurants and a large mall catering to tourists. Playa Coronado also has great beachfront hotels and small romantic bed and breakfasts for your use.

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