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Posted on 12/31/2019

Poland is located in Central Europe and is one of the places that we at Geauxing Places Travel can help you go to on vacation. Before you travel to Poland, there are some things that you should know, for example, they pretty serious about the Central Europe thing. People often make the mistake of believing that Poland is in Eastern Europe and if you say it out loud while there, you will be corrected. Here are some other general tips for your trip.

  • When to Come
  • Poland is a country that you can visit at any time in the year. Poland has six seasons spring, summer, autumn/fall and winter and then 2 additional seasons known as early spring and early winter. We’d advise that you plan your vacation for spring (The late one), summer and fall as the weather is nice then. Tourist season normally starts in May and ends in October which is around the best time for a visit. June, July, and August are the summer months and are the warmest while winter is from December to February and is usually cold with the days short. The snow can make it a bit fun though.

  • What to Wear
  • The type of clothes to take on your visit to Poland depends on the time of your travel. Regardless, the weather can be a bit fitful so you should bring along some warmer clothes and don’t forget your raincoat. We’d also recommend comfortable walking shoes for all the exploration that you are going to do.

  • Language
  • English language has been taught in Polish schools for many years and lots of people, especially in tourist sites, speak English. You should encounter no problems communicating in English, especially when talking with young people.

  • Money
  • The currency in Poland is the Polish zloty (Zl, PLN). It is impossible to pay with euro or US dollars in lots of places so you have to make use of exchange offices. There are also numerous ATMs in the larger towns so you can withdraw Polish money. Most of the shops and restaurants accept credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro. American Express and Diners may however not be accepted.

  • Safety
  • Poland is about as safe as any other country in Europe. It is not dangerous for tourists to visit. The economic situation of the country is stable and it isn’t a target for worldwide terrorism. In general, people are friendly and welcoming. Just make sure to obey general regulations and apply some common sense.

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