6 Tips for Staying Safe on Your Future Travels

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Posted on 03/31/2020

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe this period, the movement of many people has been restricted to only essential trips to the grocery store. But it won’t be this way forever. And if you ask us, now is a good time to make or update your bucket list when it comes to places that you haven’t seen. It is also a great time to bookmark Geauxing Places Travel as the travel service company that will put you and your needs first and make your travel a great experience. As you research on the places that you can go after this pandemic and the amazing things to see around the world, here are 7 tips from us on keeping safe while on your trip.

  • Avoid Using Public Wifi
  • When you use public WiFi, it is easier for fraudulent people to hack into information stored on your smartphone or laptop. This can lead to your identity being stolen and lots of other problems. We advise that you instead, get a router and set up your own WiFi hotspot. You can purchase the sim needed for it at your travel location.

  • Protect Your Phone
  • Your phone has sensitive information like access to your emails and depending on how much you use, even your credit card information. Create a strong unique password for it and enable location tracking. You should also install a wiping software that you can use to track down your device and destroy the information on it if it is stolen.

  • Don’t Share Your Location or Agenda on Social Media
  • Sharing information like these on your social media makes it easier for potential thieves to keep track of your whereabouts. This could make it easier for them to time a crime against you. It’s better to post about your trip after you get home.

  • Bring Only What You Need
  • Carry only your passport on your trip abroad. It is also better to carry along a select few of your credit and debit cards with you. All sensitive documents that you take on your trip should also be locked away in your hotel safe or another secure location while on your trip.

  • Keep A Record of Important Documents
  • If you do lose something important like your wallet or bag, it would be a great help if you know exactly what is missing. Document things like information from your credit and debit cards, driver’s license, insurance, and other important documents before you travel. That way you’ll know who to call after a theft and what to tell them.

  • Bottom Line
  • Identity thieves are not only after “Wealthy People” you could become a victim too. Take precautions to stay safe even as we at Geauxing Places Travel will do our best to keep you safe from our end. Best of luck!

    So, where would you be interested in going for a vacation in the future? Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana can organize your travel there. Want to know more? Give us a call today!

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