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Posted on 03/05/2020

Many people think that Mauritius is the honeymoon destination and you will meet many couples spending their honeymoon there. It is however not only a place for honeymoons, it is also a place for people who love beaches and want to combine their beach vacation with some sightseeing and culture trips. Mauritius is a very diverse place and Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana can plan your travel there too. Here are some things that you need to know before you visit Mauritius.

  • The Best Time to Travel to Mauritius
  • Mauritius is a great place to visit at all times of the year. For one thing, their summer coincides with our winter and it is mostly warm and sunny all year round. The peak season for Mauritius is from September to December. You can also visit in April to June as it is less busy although the weather will be somewhat cooler than during the peak season.

  • What Should You Pack for Mauritius?
  • Warm sweaters and long pants although it is generally warm. This is advantageous especially if you visit between April to August. You should also travel with an adapter as Mauritius uses a different power outlet system. Don’t forget lots of sunscreen when coming but you can buy in Mauritius at a more expensive price. You should also come along with mosquito repellent as there are lots of mosquitoes in Mauritius but Malaria and Dengue fever aren’t a danger. You can easily by the repellent locally though.

  • Money and Travel Expenses in Mauritius
  • Mauritius uses the Mauritian Rupee and you will find ATMs at the airport and the larger cities. You can also use a credit card here.

  • Tipping in Mauritius
  • Although not common, it is okay to tip in Mauritius. In many hotels, you can put the tip in a tip box to be shared amongst the staff but individual tips are still allowed. You could also tip your taxi drivers and guides.

  • Internet in Mauritius
  • The Internet in Mauritius is quite good. Orange and Emtel are the two major providers and you can get a Simcard with a good browsing package for a small amount. Most of the hotels also have good WiFi.

  • Language and Understanding
  • Although most of the Mauritian population speak Creole which is a dialect of French, you will find locals that also speak good English so communication will not be a problem for you.

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