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Posted on 03/19/2020

Wisconsin is a great place to travel to, but you can't exactly do that right now, can you? Covid-19 is to blame, as you're well aware. There's a workaround to this, though. Keep making your travel plans so when the endemic is over, you'll be more than prepared for the perfect vacation! Yes, you should still take care of yourself and stay clean, but don't forego every travel plan you've made. All the trouble you went through to make your dream vacation a reality should not be wasted because of fear or worry.

So, for now, refer the tips below to see why we chose Winconsin to be your next vacation spot after Coronavirus is no more. . As a matter of fact, it’s the perfect place for a fun getaway visit. If you have a vacation coming up and would like to see what Wisconsin holds, Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana, can take you there. It’s usually best to travel to a place best prepared for your trip and the following travel tips from us will cover you on that where Wisconsin is concerned. Ready?

  • What to Pack
  • In simple terms, layers. Whether you are visiting in the summer, fall, winter or spring, come along with layers. Wisconsin is known for being quite chilly when you wake up before easing into the summer or spring temperature later in the day.

  • When to Visit
  • We’d say fall or spring. Not only is Wisconsin beautiful during fall or spring, you’ll avoid the mosquitoes. You’ll be avoiding these nasty bugs when you visit at these times as well as saving money because these are off-peak seasons.

  • Use Backroads
  • The highways may be faster, but taking back roads can help you avoid much of the traffic and give you a good view of Wisconsin’s natural beauty.

  • Buy A Case of Spotted Cow
  • You can’t buy this anywhere else except Wisconsin and while you’re allowed to bring a case home, distributors are not allowed to sell it outside state lines. It makes a perfect souvenir for a friend.

  • Enjoy Cheese Curd
  • You’re in cheese curd country, take advantage of the opportunity to purchase and enjoy this great snack. You can find it at most convenient stores, but for the good stuff, visit Mousehouse Cheesehaus in Windsor.

  • Kwik Trip Is Good
  • This gas station was born and raised in Wisconsin and is notorious for having cheap groceries, traveling basics and hot food that no other gas station can boast off.

  • Visit the Water Park Capital of The World
  • Wisconsin Dells is the name you’re looking for and it is a place packed with water parks, resort and camping. It is a perfect place for camping and every type of traveler can find something fun to do while there.

  • Travel Via Water
  • You could take the family tubing down the Wolf and Sugar Rivers or enjoy a relaxing Wisconsin Ducks Water Tour down the Wisconsin River. Whichever you choose, there are many fun ways to water travel while in Wisconsin.

    So, how about a trip to Wisconsin? Geauxing Places Travel can plan you a stress-free and fun trip there without any hassle. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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