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Posted on 11/28/2019

Best Things to Do in Norfolk

Cornwall and Brighton are popular destination spots for both adventurists and vacationers, but there’s another place that’s receiving as much acclaim, if not more. Norfolk is a name known by many, but few have been there before; even fewer have seen its natural beauty, its trove of local produce and experienced authentic charm.

Would you like to be part of this ‘elite’ few? We’re talking about being in the heart of all the fun and wonder Norfolk has readied for you. You can easily partake in all this. Just reach out to Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana, and we’ll book your next vacation to Norfolk. We’re a full-service travel agency that has made-and been making-vacationers happy for years.

Going to Norfolk is just half the journey, of course, because you have to know the best ways to make the most of your time there, don’t you? Have a read below then.

  • Chow at Socius
  • We just had to kick it off with food. Nothing else should come first, in our opinion. Norfolk has no few restaurants to keep your belly stuffed and your taste buds happy, but we recommend the Socius. It focusses on open spaces and sociable dining, so expect to see a lot of happy vacationers as hearty laughter fills the air while delicious food is being served. The British-influenced tapas, in particular, are excellent! And you must try the charred sweetcorn, quail and goat’s cheese too. Simple, yet terribly delicious meals.

  • Marvel at the Wells-next-the-Sea
  • Disregard the odd name of this small town and you’ll see there’s a lot to appreciate about it. It’s a large, sandy bay riddled with beach huts bearing a striking resemblance to things you’ll see in a picture book.

    Anyone who knows his history will tell you the whole place is very reminiscent of the Victorian British seaside. And there’s so much color too! All in all, it’s a pleasant sight which doubles as a perfect picnic spot, so make sure your picnic basket is with you when you head there.

  • The Seals at Blakeney Point Await You
  • Regardless of whether you’re an animal lover or not, the sight of hundreds of fat seals basking under the warm sun is something you should see. Blakeney point gives you exactly that. It’s a salt marsh that’s more known for being home to happy seals than anything else. Hop on a boat, row there and whip out your camera, then take as many shots as you want. Such a wonderful sight doesn’t come every day.

    Are you curious about Norfolk yet? Then what are you waiting for? Go online and log on to our website. We’ll book your vacation to Norfolk in no time. Geauxing Places Travel is only happy when our customers are happy, so contact us and we’ll make your vacation in Norfolk as real as the seals there waiting to pose for your camera.

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