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Posted on 12/03/2019

Located at the northeastern suburban part of Mumbai, Thane is a city to visit in Maharashtra, India. Thane is regarded as the “city of lakes”, the most famous of which is the Masunda Lake or Talao Pali. Lakes are not the only attraction in Thane; here are some spots you can explore:

  • Naneghat Hills:
  • This place is most treasured by believers in the rejuvenating power of hills on the human soul. It is elevated 2600 feet, a truly magnificent sight to behold. It is also known as a location for an old fort. You can go on a hike on this trail while taking in the sights of the lush green vistas around. It can also serve as a good background for taking amazing pictures.

  • Kelva Beach:
  • The beautiful views and sounds from the waves on this 8-km beach are enough to please your eyes and soothe your soul. This is the perfect getaway spot for you and your loved one to sunbathe during the day as well as stroll along the sea in the evenings. The lodgings available are top-notch resorts so you can afford to enjoy a multi-day visit here. Families can also visit Kelva Beach, Thane—there are enough lodgings to accommodate everyone.

  • Har Har Gange Waterfalls:
  • Ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in Thane, India, Har Har Gange Waterfalls is a place that provides tranquility, the kind that only a waterfall like this can provide. It is located in Suraj Waterpark, Thane. Although an artificial creation, this waterfall serves both its aesthetic and practical roles exquisitely. What’s more refreshing is the beautiful green surroundings that create a beautiful complement to this work of art.

  • Titwala Ganesh Temple:
  • As small as Titwala is, it houses the region’s most revered religious site. This temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is an attraction to many devotees all-year-round. Although this structure has existed since the ancient times, it has undergone a more recent construction into the modest, but powerfully divine structure it is today. You should visit this temple and perhaps, connect to your spiritual side.

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