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Posted on 02/23/2017

It’s that dreaded time of year, TAX season (YUCK!). Many of you may have already filed, while some of you are going to wait till the last possible minute. So are you going to be one of the lucky ones that got or is getting a tax refund? Have you decided what to spend it on? What do you think about putting that money towards a vacation? (WOW! What an amazing idea!) Think that your tax return won’t get you much? Well, did you know that Disney deposits are only $200 per room – Some cruise lines offer discounted deposits of $75 per person – You can even book and all inclusive trip to the Caribbean with air for less than $250 per person deposit! YEP, and it’s easier than you think! So now the wheels in your head are turning, “So I’ve got enough for a deposit but when I try to book it online it tells me I have to pay in full.” Well that’s where we come in, your local travel agent, and to top it off most packages the final payment is not due till 6-8 weeks prior to departure. !Say What! So let’s say you come in and book an amazing all inclusive adventure to the Caribbean with your family of 4 and you put down $1000 (or more if Uncle Sam was nice to you this year). You’re not traveling till Thanksgiving when the kids are out of school (and now you have an excuse to skip the dinner at Cousin Jane’s house – Hey we’ve all been there). So now you have from April (when you booked) till September to pay the remaining balance. Did you get a little extra from a side job; put it towards your vacation. Are there a few things you sold on Facebook or Craigslist – add it to your trip, you’ll be paid off in no time and all because you used your tax return as your deposit and booked with your local travel agent.

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