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Posted on 12/10/2019

Geauxing Places Travel is all about your comfort and safety during your vacation. Malaysia is one of the countries that we organize visits to because it is a tropical paradise with an incomparable wealth of beauty. Malaysia is located on the Malay Peninsula, just south of Thailand and is one country that is worth a visit. If you have a plan to visit Malaysia soon, here are some tips from us that should help you with your planning and during your stay.

  • Weather
  • The weather in Malaysia often differs depending on which side of the peninsula that you are. This difference is what makes an almost year-round visit possible to this beautiful country. July is the driest month for Kuala Lumpur but it is otherwise pretty hot and wet for most of the year. If you are visiting Langkawi, the months of December to February are dry and a great time to visit. July to August is best for a summertime visit to the Perhentian Islands while you should see Sawak in June and July. For a dry time to visit Sabah, go in February or March.

  • What to Wear
  • When it comes to Malaysia, dressing a little more conservatively is sure to get you more welcomed. Remember that it is tropical so avoid colors like black and go for brighter ones. Breathable lightweight clothes like cotton are a great idea and pack lots of comfortable walking shoes too. Cardigans and scarves are also good. Lightweight pants and long skirts could also come in handy.

  • Safety
  • Most of Malaysia is relatively safe. An exception is Eastern Sabah where kidnappings have been known to occur. Avoiding this area should put you in the clear. Also, be wary of pickpockets and petty thefts in big cities like Kuala Lumpur.

  • No Drugs
  • Punishment for taking drugs into Malaysia is jail time and high fines regardless of the quantity. Please double check your luggage before travel to ensure that there are no questionable substances in them.

  • Rough Budget
  • Travel in Malaysia is a bit pricier than in other Southeast Asia countries but is still way lower than any western country. You can survive on $30 a day but if you want to splurge on a lifestyle that is close to western, $100 a day should keep you comfortable.

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