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Posted on 02/18/2020

Costa Rica translates to “Rich Coast” and is a country with diverse and beautiful geography. The black and white sand beaches that you find lining the Caribbean and Pacific coasts give way to highland cloud forests, a dense tropical rainforest and majestic volcanic peaks the further into the country that you travel. Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana, can help you with your travel plans to Costa Rica.

For a country with 5 mountain ranges and a width of 200 miles from coast to coast, roughly 50% of Costa Rica’s landscape remains untouched by human infrastructure. 25% of the land is also federally protected. More than one-third of Costa Rica’s population lives in San Jose which is the capital and is in the central valley.

So, what other information should you know about your trip to Costa Rica? We’ve put down some for you in the paragraphs below.

  • The Weather
  • Costa Rica has two seasons: The dry and the wet season. Weather, however, varies the higher you go, and rain is common all year round. Come prepared with a waterproof bag and rain jacket. A quick-dry shirt can come in handy too. If you, however, do not want showers, the pacific coast in the dry season is your best bet.

  • A Little Spanish Is Good
  • In Costa Rica, a little Spanish is good for communication. Pura Vida is one of the common phrases that you will hear often. It means “Pure Life” and refers to something that is good or is used to respond favorably to a question. There is also some regional variation of Spanish when it comes to Costa Rica. An example is the diminutive -ito. A big coffee is called “Café” while a small coffee is called a “Cafecito”.

  • Local Is Good
  • The freshwater in Costa Rica is so good that Heineken uses it to brew that beer. Rice and beans are a staple diet here and most of what you will eat is locally grown. Most products that you will buy at the grocery store are also locally sourced. The exotic fruits available and Costa Rican Coffee also go for great prices.

  • It Is Visa Free for Americans
  • As an American citizen, all that is necessary is that your passport does not expire 6 months from the conclusion of your trip. You do not need a Visa to visit the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

  • Currency and Electricity
  • The US Dollar is widely accepted throughout the country and at a good rate too. Most American credit cards are also accepted, with the most popular being Visa. You will also find ATMs quite easily in big cities like San Jose and other major places. As for Electricity, Costa Rica uses the same electrical grid as the US but many outlets lack the third prong so bring an adapter if you’d need one.

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