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Posted on 12/24/2019

You should let us here at Geauxing Places Travel in Denham Springs, Louisiana handle your vacation. We’re great at it and we have the right amount of experience needed to ensure that it is stress-free and fun for you. Have you ever heard of Kiribati? It is an island republic located in the Central Pacific and is known for its fun water activities, beautiful beaches, fishing, bird watching, etc. We think that you should spend your next vacation in Kiribati and here’s why:

  • You Could Visit the Christmas Island
  • With Christmas in the air, this is, of course, our first option. Christmas Island is a great place for bird watching and has a large population of petrel, terns, tropical birds, shearwater, etc. If you love bird watching, you should not miss Christmas Island but it also has white sand beaches, coconut plantations, solar salt plants, fish farms and more.

  • There Is Also Butaritari
  • Butaritari is known for its swimming, snorkeling and tropical fruit-bearing trees. It also has World War II history, wreckages, and an exciting canoe coral reef. There is little development here, but the greenery, fertile soil, unspoiled nature, and shoreline makes it the most visited island in Kiribati.

  • Just Go to Tarawa
  • Tarawa is popularly known as the Venice of the pacific. It is Kiribati’s capital, is an island itself and has all the government buildings and impressive architecture that often impresses tourists. The churches, football stadiums, and beaches are the major highlights, but you can also visit the Beito and Bonriki islands around to explore remnants of wars and shipwrecks.

  • Hideaway at The Outer Gilbert Islands
  • If the modern-day and time is not your thing, how about the Outer Gilbert Islands? It is not much developed but appeals to tourists the most for their idyllic beaches, culture, and lifestyle. You can go here to have time away from the crowds but please note that you will only find the most basic of facilities. The environment is however pristine, picturesque and happy.

  • See the Fanning Islands
  • Also known as the Tabuaeran atoll, it is a cruise destination and is popular for its soft sand scenic beaches and its coral reefs. You could take a stroll around the villages to meet the natives, enjoy the various hues of blues around the island, rest in the open-air huts and ride the fishing boats.

    What do you think about Kiribati? We’d love to know. We’d also like to book your vacations to whatever place in the world you’d love to go to. All you have to do is contact us today!

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