How to Choose the Right Sunscreen for Summer Travel

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Posted on 05/20/2019

As a full service travel agency in Denham Springs, Louisiana, we are concerned about our clients and their skin while traveling this summer. Because we’ve been all over the world, sun protection is a top priority to us and it seems like we’ve tried all of the sunscreens you can imagine. From sprays to lotion and oils to powders, yes powders. But there’s a new kid on the block and we wanted to share it with you.

It’s called Brush on Block. It’s a sunscreen that you brush on..that’s right, you open the lid and it has a cute brush that easily distributes sunscreen throughout for easy application. (no we’re not being paid for this review).

Brush on Block comes in two different shades, which is pretty great. It comes as a translucent powder but also as a lightly tinted tan color so that you can start glowing before you even hit the sun. Because the sunscreen is a powder, it won’t leave your face and skin looking and feeling greasy. Plus, it won’t run into your eyes like liquid sunscreen can. It’s sweat resistant (but only for up to 90 minutes) so you’ll need to re-apply often if you sweat a lot.

Brush on Block sunscreen isn’t cheap but nothing of value is, is it? Yes, you can purchase sunscreen over the counter for a few bucks and Brush on Block costs about $32 but you’re paying for the convenience of it not exploding in your bag or running into your eyes from the heat of the sun. It’s also not tested on animals and because it compresses easily, you can throw it your bag or purse pretty easy. It’s also reef friendly so don’t worry about ruining the ocean and environment while wearing it.

Even though we’re not paid to talk about this sunscreen, we wanted you to know about it. You can purchase it on the Brush on Block sunscreen website at .

As a full service travel agency in Denham Springs, Louisiana, we care about your health while traveling. If you need some more advice on how to travel safe this summer, please give us a call. We can chat about it while we book your summer trip to somewhere exotic and bucket list worthy.

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