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Posted on 03/21/2019

Group travel is a wonderful opportunity to see amazing places and experience truly fantastic emotions at the sight of the beauties this world has to offer. Not only will you travel (which is in itself a truly fantastic experience), but you will also make friends in your group (because, yes, birds of a feather flock together). Why would you go on a group trip to India specifically?

We have gathered some of the reasons that may help you choose whether a group trip to India is right for you:

* The culture. Indian culture is absolutely fascinating (to say the least!). A completely different culture than everything else you’ve probably ever known, the Indian culture will amaze you every step of the way. But more than anything, it will teach you important lessons about life, beauty, and how to be a great human being – lessons that will come to complement what you already know, to help you become a fuller person.

* The food. Need we say enough? Most people only know curry as a traditional Indian dish – but every single area of this country has something fantastic to offer in terms of cuisine! Exploring the Indian cuisine feels like a full experience in its own right: one you will feel on your taste buds, in your mind, and in your memory centers. The spices, the fruit, the way the food is presented – everything about Indian cuisine is an exploration of beauty and depth.

* The places. India is more than New Delhi and the Taj Mahal. The true staples of this country go way beyond that. The geographical regions, the way every part of the country has its own culture, the way people here celebrate and live their everyday lives, the architecture and the fabrics traditional clothing is made from – every single place in India is a lesson. A lesson full of color, love, and grace. A lesson full of uniqueness.

India is a magical place – and as luxury travel consultants, we feel that every single person on Earth should go to India at least once in their lifetime? Why? Because India is more than a travel destination: it is a journey you take to your innermost being. It is a life-changing experience that will open your eyes and your soul. It is a color-infused picture you will treasure in your mind forever.

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